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INTelligent INTuitive INTubation™

The INT Navigator™ is engineered to assist users in maneuvering the endotracheal tube through the mouth, throat and airway during intubation. A thumb-controlled lever on the INT Navigator’s handle directs motion of its tip, driving the endotracheal tube into the trachea. The full steerability enables one-handed intubation with the clinician’s choice of visualization strategy.


Different, by design.


Rigid, with a soft tip; combines functionalities of several other intubation guides.


The solution to a good view yet difficult endotracheal tube passage.


Confidence in every intubation: straightforward or difficult anatomy.


Fits naturally with your existing visualization tools, endo-tracheal tubes, guidelines and protocols.


Articulated tip navigates the complex human anatomy to place an endo-tracheal tube.

Competitively uncomparable.

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INT Navigator makes it easy.

Step 1

Load. Load any brand endotracheal tube, size 5.5 – 8, onto the stylet.

Step 2

Acquire view. INT Navigator is designed to be compatible for use with direct and video laryngoscopes.

Step 3

Steer. The thumb knob flexes the end of the stylet up and down allowing you to adjust and steer through the airway while placing the tube. No removal for stylet reshaping required.

Step 4

Remove. Stylet can be turned with the wrist to loosen from the tube connector. Pull on handle while holding tube in place to remove stylet from tube.

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